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We would love the opportunity to meet you and welcome you to First Christian Church. We are happy to assist you in becoming familiar with the church and its ministries which are designed to equip you to live for the glory of God.

Welcome to Scottsburg First Christian Church
Know, Grow, and Sow

Are you looking for answers about those difficult questions in life? Are you looking for the truth about what the Bible really says? If you are an individual that is seeking Jesus and seeking truth then you will love it here at First Christian. We are a church that is committed to proclaiming the Word of God through thought provoking and careful expository Biblical preaching. We are Christ-centered in our worship, preaching, teaching, and fellowship. We have the desire to help you connect with Jesus Christ and be able to understand how to apply the Word of God in your life. We also seek to help you connect with fellow Christians that will help you answer those tough questions in life and encourage you to live a transformed life through Jesus Christ. 

Current Series


You will make decisions today about how you spend your time. Where you invest your energy. How you use your resources. Each choice – however small or insignificant it may seem – can have a lasting, eternal, effect on your life. And on the lives of those you love. Even the lives of people you’ve never met.

What impact are you making? What’s radiating from your life to those around you? Can you use everyday opportunities to pour out life-changing truth that ripples around the world and across generations?

Previous Sermon Series

We have had several important series that you do not want to miss which you can listen to on our podcasts. We also encourage you to check out the free downloadable booklets associated with each series. These booklets are designed to help you deepen your faith and give a better defense for the hope you have in Christ. If you would like more information about these booklets then visit our “Free Resources” section of the website.
Connections this week
Monday, September 12
5:30  Upward soccer
6:30 Scott County Men’s Fellowship@FCC
Tuesday, September 13
1:00 Ladies Bible Study
5:30 Moving Forward
6:00 Ladies Bible Study
6:30 Men’s Prayer Meeting in the Chapel
6:30 Stepping Up-Man Cave
Wednesday, September 14
9:00 Senior Bible Study
1:30 Ladies Bible Study
5:30 Upward Soccer
Fellowship meal
6:45 Wednesday Night live
Friday, September 16
Hardy Lake Campout
Saturday, September 17
Hardy Lake Campout
Volunteer Opportunities
8/2- Stepping Up video/book series by Dennis Rainey meets in the Man Cave.
Youth Events
8/8 5:30 upward soccer
8/10 Middle School and High School REFUEL meet at the Rock begins Wednesday from 6:00-8:00- the red bus will leave from the foyer entrance at 6:00pm and bring you back at 8:00pm
Women’s Events
8/30 11:00 Widows luncheon
Church-wide Events
Couples Marriage Retreat: September 30-October 1.  Click here for more details.
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Get Connected!!!

We would love to connect with you and help you grow in your faith. We encourage you to take the first step by attending one of our Sunday morning services, Sunday School oWednesday Night Live.  For more information, please contact us.

 If you would like to talk about becoming a Christian, about baptism, or about spiritual guidance in other areas of your life, we’d be pleased to talk with you.  If you’re interested in knowing a little more about some events that we  have going on then please feel free to email us at info@fcc-scottsburg.org or call our office @ (812) 752-2115.  You can access podcasts of past sermons by clicking here.

The Men’s Ministry is gearing up for our Fall Men’s Retreat at Wonder Valley. It will be a great time for men of all ages and the theme will be focused on “The Blues Brother’s: We Are On A Mission From God.”  

For information on our preschool and daycare services, please click here.

255 W. McClain Avenue
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Tel: 812-752-2115
Join our social outreach
 Our final Coin Drop Sunday will be in November. Bring your 1 Degree Challenge Coin Banks and leave them at the Visitor Center.